Drug & Alcohol Testing

Are you looking for help with the Management of Drugs and Alcohol issues in your workplace?

There is an increasing national trend towards the misuse of drugs both legal and illegal.

Statistics indicate 8% – 10% of your workforce will have (or are) at some point taking/abusing drugs, possibly whilst at work.  Coupled with this, Alcohol is readily available and legal, leading to the possibility that some of your staff members may be under the influence whilst at work.

If you hold Health and Safety as a core business value and continually work to protect employees and those around you, then a drugs and alcohol policy and accompanying procedures will help you manage any difficult situations.

We can give you the tools and the confidence to ensure an effective Drugs and Alcohol policy and screening programme is in place, as efficiently as possible.  Whether you want us to screen on your behalf or teach you how to set up and manage the process yourself……we can help you.

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