As our MD Jamie Newman continues to train for his Alzheimer’s 100 charity cycle ride in Cheshire, he has written a piece about Safer Roads for Cyclists….. Read the full article below:

I am a firm believer in the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle; keeping fit helps to bolster up your respiratory system, keeps heart disease at bay and gives stress a black eye.

I am already a keen walker and amateur cyclist, but I have always wanted to put the cycling hobby to good use and so for the last few months I have been hitting the roads hard and training ready for an 8 hour, 100 mile charity ride through the beautiful South Cheshire countryside. Now, with only 7 weeks to go I am feeling fitter than I have for years.

The only fly in the ointment is the constant reminder of how vulnerable you are as a cyclist, with many drivers distracted by in car technology and some unnecessarily aggressive motorists there is a disproportionally high number of cyclist casualties each year. Cycling has become hugely popular again and it seems that being visible just isn’t enough anymore. I am convinced that many drivers see you but on their time strapped and rushed journeys, decide to cut you up anyway.

Making cycling safer. There is absolutely no doubt, that when cars and commercial vehicles are properly separated from cyclists by the introduction of dedicated cycle ways it is safer for everyone, there is less frustration and fewer casualties. That means fewer broken families, lower costs for the NHS and a healthier nation…what could be better than that?

So how about a government manifesto that focusses on helping the NHS by protecting the millions of cyclist in the UK…maybe we should abandon HS2 and spend the £billions on cycle ways instead?