First of all welcome to our new website, we are delighted that you have chosen to visit us and we hope that you find something of use.

As well as a new website, we have also redesigned the logo, and let’s say it was a challenge coming up with something that we felt reflected us as a company.

However, ta-da…. we have finally chosen and we hope you like it. We think it represents us as follows:

  • We chose a bright and vibrant green to reflect the fact that we are bright and vibrant as a company, and that our training (in a subject that is sometime considered, dare we say, dull?) is interesting, shines out from the rest of the training out there and can help participants on the course to have their “lightbulb moment” about safety training
  • We chose the hand written “by design” to reflect the fact that we are friendly and not “mass produced” – each of our courses are tailored to you individually, so the “by design” is our sign off to say that this is your personalised course
  • The radial (that’s what our clever designer called it) of exclamation marks shows that our aim is to lead you away from danger – through to a green exclamation mark which means that you are working safely. The exclamation mark is also a constant reminder that we shouldn’t get complacent about health and safery.

So there you have it – much thought has gone into it, in the same way that much thought goes into each of our training courses. If we aren’t already working with you now – we hope you will give us a try in the future 🙂

Contact us if you need to chat anything through.