Leakage Detection

Duration: 1 day

This course is intended for Leakage Operatives, and aims to provide learners with advanced leakage detection skills, and a higher level of competence when searching for various types of leaks on a variety of water distribution network mains and services.

The course includes:

  •  Pipe materials and sound transmission
  • Types of pipe failure and characteristic leak noise
  • Leaks which produce little or no sound
  • Verifying leakage and choosing leakage detection methods with the greatest chance of success
  • Using Correlators – survey mode, accelerometers, Hydrophones, velocity checks, interpreting results
  • Advanced sounding techniques, choosing acoustic listening devices, using them correctly
  • Grid sounding
  • Alternative detection methods – roadside water analysis
  • Visual searches
  • Using mapping systems
  • The importance of tracing the pipe
  • Accurate pinpointing of excavation sites
  • Rapid Assistance for gangs when there is a ‘dry hole’
  • Safe working

The course includes expert led theory and practical sessions, on site demonstration & assessment.

Attendees on the course must have a National Water Hygiene Card, and will require PPE for onsite leakage detection

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