Main Laying & Service Laying

Our Service and Mains Laying Programme is completely flexible to suit your requirements.

We don’t believe in training for the sake of it, so we build a programme focusing on exactly what you want and need. For example, we can run short half day sessions for individual subjects such a drilling and tapping or electrofusion welding, right through to a six day programme that covers your exact requirements.

Due to the bespoke nature of our programme, you will not receive a formal qualification, however our training mirrors the requirements of the QCF for Network Construction operations in Water Distribution.

Here is a selection of what we can cover, and what we have been asked to cover in the past:

  • Historical and current pipe materials /SDR
  • Pipe failures and protection methods
  • Water Industry Standards/depths & hygiene
  • Pressure & flow standards and measurement
  • Cutting pipes, working with coils
  • Working with Chlorine
  • Drilling & Tapping pipes with single & dual spindle machines
  • Laying service pipes in MDPE & Copper
  • Repairing and modifying service pipes
  • Freezing Pipe
  • Squeeze off pipe
  • Stop tap / stop cock repairs
  • Installing boundary meters
  • Pipe Categories and underground jointing
  • Earth Bonding and Temporary earth safety loops
  • Water Regulations
  • Service Pipe ownership
  • Applied mathematics – volumes and flows
  • Drilling components
  • working with UPVC & MOPVC
  • Electro & Butt Fusion of MDPE and HDPE
  • Laying, Jointing of Ductile Iron Mains
  • Carrying out mains repairs & alterations
  • Repairing Valves & Hydrants
  • DSV spade valves
  • Pressure testing

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